🚨Nasdaq Announces Potential Crypto Dataset🚨

Nasdaq, the New York-based stock market powerhouse, is deciding whether it should add crypto datasets to its market analytics toolkit, according to a Nasdaq source. Bill Dague, Nasdaq’s head of Alternative Data, recently addressed that due to the unquestioned, growing interest regarding cryptocurrencies, Nasdaq would be in poor standing by not exploring potential cryptocurrency datasets.

The potential integration of cryptocurrency datasets into Nasdaq’s Data Analytics Hub – an arm established by Nasdaq in 2017 – would likely make cryptocurrency data more understandable for investors, thereby making the entire asset class more appealing to the public – which could result in tremendous market growth.

In April, Nasdaq’s CEO Adena Friedman stated that Nasdaq would support the trading of cryptocurrency following more structured regulations. Thus, with the orations made by both Adena Friedman and Bill Dague, it is clear that Nasdaq is becoming increasingly more interested in the space, indicating that it is only a matter of time before the stock market giant officially adopts cryptocurrency into its platform. Once this occurs, we can be certain of this, cryptocurrency will be profoundly more popular, suggesting adopters of present will, in due time, be happily rewarded. Patience is key.